The Makluan Rings as dipicted in a comic book.

In other comics and shows the abilities and appearences of the makluan rings changes over time. In the picture to the right, some of the rings have the same color they had in the Iron Man:Armored Adventures series. Some of the ring's abilities have also changed. They even names, instead of releasing energy the green ring (Remaker) shatters and reimagines relationships on a subatomic level. However, there are still 10 rings in all.

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A much less advanced makluan ring. In this picture, it can easily be discovered that the rings are technology.

In the Iron Man TV Series, the rings were found by the Mandarin on a makluan spaceship. He adapted to the rings and mstered there powers.

Also, the Makluan gurdian of the tenth temple in IM:AA was long dead by the time Mandarin found this set of makluan rings. It is unknown if these rings are more powerful than the IM:AA rings.


 1. Mandarin
 2. Makluan Rings
                                                          3. Purple Ring